§ 16-116-105 Defenses generally

16-116-105.  Defenses generally.

(a) Compliance by a manufacturer or supplier with any federal or state statute or administrative regulation existing at the time a product was manufactured and prescribing standards of design, inspection, testing, manufacture, labeling, warning, or instructions for use of a product shall be considered as evidence that the product is not in an unreasonably dangerous condition in regard to matters covered by these standards.
(b) Supplying of a product after its anticipated life may be considered as a defense by the manufacturer as between the manufacturer and supplier if the product is supplied after the expiration date placed on the product by the manufacturer as required by law.
(c) Use of a product beyond its anticipated life by a consumer where the consumer knew or should have known the anticipated life of the product may be considered as evidence of fault on the part of the consumer.